Saturday, August 2, 2014

Think About This

Think about this:

A soldier is captured in battle. This is what happens in wars. Soldiers are killed, wounded, get out of a skirmish unscathed, or sometimes - over the span of the history of the entire human race - they get captured.

But it becomes an awful terrorist crime only when it's an Israeli soldier captured by Palestinian soldiers.

So how does the most moral army in the world of the "vibrant" only democracy in the middle east respond? They use the tried and true methods that Israel has always used:

Collective punishment, indiscriminate murder of civilians and solemn, self-righteous calls for revenge.

In retaliation for this previously unheard of act of "capturing" the IDF has stepped up bombings in Rafa, the area where the heinous "capture" happened.

Obama, Kerry, all politicians in the USA are now engaged in a collective ass kissing of the Israeli child murderers.

This makes them as moral as the Israeli army.

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