Thursday, November 26, 2009

Obama to validate Honduran military Coup, recognize fake elections

The Organization of American States, and virtually all Latin American countries have condemned the show election being held by the illegitimate Michletti government installed by a military coup that ousted and deported the elected president Manuel Zelaya.

President Obama, being a practical guy, has decided to recognize whoever is "elected" president of Honduras. Coup, Schmoo! says Obama. Let's let bygones be bygones! Besides the new faux-president (Zelaya supporters are not participating in the elections) will be more to the liking of the U.S.A.'s governing corporate elite (I'm referring to the real governing body in this country, the the stumble-bum pack of bribe-taking schleps who populate the Senate, House and the White House).

This slap in the face to the OAS and Latin countries also has the added benefit of being a money saver. If Obama had really wanted to pressure the Honduran coup-makers to relinquish power and restore the real president to finish out his term, all sorts of bad things could happen. A Zelaya supporter would be elected and the new government would continue Zelaya's policies of looking out for the interests of the impoverished Honduran people instead of the profit margins of mulit-national businesses and banks. How tiresome would that be!?

Then, on top of that, the U.S. would have to stage another coup or even invade Honduras to make sure the place is safe from terrorism and community organizers.

Obama's way is much more economical. Besides, from the White House's point of view what's wrong with the army arresting and deporting the president of some country? It worked out OK in Haiti.

President Aristede was siezed by U.S. troops in Haiti in 2004, put on a plane and dumped in the Central African Republic (he's now in South Africa). Then Secretary of State Coin Powell thought it was no big deal and contemptously dismissed criticism of this seemingly undemocratic and imperial action on the part of the U.S.

"Hey, who gives a fuck!" I'm sure Powell said to himself, "no pissant like Aristide is going to interfere with our plans!" U.S. plans required that chaos, crime and starvation better served Washington's interests than an irritating jerk who went around talking about the poor all the time. I'm sure Powell approves of Obama's endorsement of the fraudulent elections in Honduras. It makes for good continuity of U.S. policy from supposedly agressive president W, to the "diplomacy" of our very cool Obama.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


From pages of the New Yolk Crimes:

March, 8, 2010
Obama chides Israel for its Latest Move

"A spokesman from the Obama administration said today that the Israeli government's announcement of their plan to brand the forehead of every newborn Palestinian child with the word "treif" "is not helpful," the president would prefer that "they reconsider the move."

Hillary defends Netenyahu

March 9, 2010,

Secretary of state Hillary Clinton described the Israeli government's new requirement for the branding of Palestinian babies as "an unprecedented goodwill gesture." The Secretary, speaking at a fund-raising dinner for the newly-established Israeli settlement "Beth Shalom Fuck the A-rabs,"in downtown Damascus, hosted by Rep. Jerry Nadler and Rudy Gulliani, went on to say, "Israel firmly rejected calls for the taking of an arm and a leg from the newborns."

March 10, 2010,

Obama Apologizes to Netenyahu for Criticizing Israel over Newborn Move

March 11, Lead Editorial:

Israel Once Again Shows that it is The Most Moral Nation in the World

'Nuff Said

In A Nutshell:

This says it all (from

Sunday, November 15, 2009

IDF Chief Rabbi: Show No Mercy

Last update - 11:30 15/11/2009

IDF Chief Rabbi: Troops who show mercy to enemy will be 'damned'

By Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz Correspondent

The Israel Defense Forces' chief rabbi told students in a pre-army yeshiva program last week that soldiers who "show mercy" toward the enemy in wartime will be "damned." 

Brig. Gen. Avichai Rontzki also told the yeshiva students that religious individuals made better combat troops. 

Speaking Thursday at the Hesder yeshiva in the West Bank settlement of Karnei Shomron , Rontzki referred to Maimonides' discourse on the laws of war. That text quotes a passage from the Book of Jeremiah stating: "Cursed be he that doeth the work of the Lord with a slack hand, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood." 

In Rontzki's words, "In times of war, whoever doesn't fight with all his heart and soul is damned - if he keeps his sword from bloodshed, if he shows mercy toward his enemy when no mercy should be shown." 

Rontzki's remarks came during a ceremony to celebrate a new Torah scroll at the yeshiva. The service was held in commemoration of Yosef Fink, one of two yeshiva students kidnapped by Hezbollah in 1986. 

Their bodies were returned 10 years later in a prisoner exchange. 

Rontzki also referred specifically to the Israel Defense Forces' conduct during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. "Apropos all that we've heard in the media of late, thank God that the people of Israel has united recently around the simple understanding of how it must fight. One of the major innovations of that offensive was the conduct of war - not as some kind of mission or detention." 

"We all remember the beginning of the war, with a major attack of 80 planes bombing various places, and then artillery, mortar and tank fire and so forth, as in war," he said. "Everyone fought with all their heart and soul, and that includes bravery of course, but also fighting with all the resources one has - to fight as if to truly determine the mission." 

Rontzki also referred to the qualities of the ideal combat soldier. 

"In Israel's wars, warriors are God-fearing people, righteous people, people who don't have sins on their hands," he said. "One needs to fight with an understanding of what one is fighting for." 

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