Friday, August 29, 2014

Parallels and Comparisons:


Watch the news and read the articles about the white police force in Ferguson, MO confronting the majority black population and you can easily see how similar it is to the way the IDF and Israeli police handle the Palestinian population.

When blacks don’t crawl and obey any whim of any white cop they are arrested or shot down…with impunity.

When people protest they are gassed, shot, beaten, by cops in military gear and armored cars, just like in Hebron, or East Jerusalem, or any checkpoint. The attitude is the same: white law and order to suppress “uppity” blacks, or Palestinians, the occupiers and the occupied.

The city of Ferguson (an all white government) needs revenue generated from ticketing cars for traffic violations, so it has its police force go after black drivers; if they object they are beaten and arrested.

The difference is that the officials of Ferguson want to keep the black population down and obedient, but they need them to extract revenue. The Israeli authorities don’t want to keep Palestinians around to exploit their labor, they want to wall them off and figure out how to expel them, drive them out of their homes, get rid of them…but not too obviously. They want a slow-motion ethnic cleansing, with a lot of propaganda diverting the world’s attention from what they are doing.


There is the barbarity of a beheading by sword of an innocent individual by radical Islamists. It’s done face to face and then put on internet video.

But the radical Judiaists of the IDF behead innocents at random, at a distance, with DIME (Dense Incendiary Metal Explosives) bombs which create an explosion that slices through human bodies severing limbs, torsos and heads. But this is done by USA endorsed civilized killers who have to disembowel children in order to exercise their “right to self-defense.”

Did I say “Judaists?” talking in parallel with Islamists? Yes, that’s right. Israel is not a democratic country. Democracies are tolerant and multi-ethnic. Israel is dedicated to mono-ethnicism: the creation of a Jewish state, only for Jews. Others have no rights (check out the latest Israeli Supreme Court ruling on this re: who the state is for and who have no legal standing to make any demands for rights). Non-Jews can be tolerated, but the trend is strongly going toward ethnic purity, both among the ruling political parties and among the Jewish population of Israel. Twenty percent of Israeli citizens are not Jews an over 50% of the people who live in “Greater Israel,” the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River are not Jews.

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