Sunday, August 3, 2014

Night of the living dead tunnels: Vampire, Zombie terrorists swarm out of tunnels and devour innocent Israelis

Raving about a rain of Hamas rockets terrorizing the entire Israeli population for years on end must have lost some of its punch. Maybe because the small payloads (30-40 lbs of explosives) rarely even injure anyone.

Now Israel's propagandists have switched to screaming about "terrorist tunnels" as an existential threat to Israel. "Oh My GOD! The tunnels, we have to get rid of them, they'll dig right under the Knesset building in Jerusalem and blow it up!"

The US media, always eager to lap up Israeli propaganda and present it as "news," now says the whole thing is about the scary tunnels. The hysterics usually involve suggesting that Hamas uses the tunnels into Israel to emerge from underground and kill innocent suddenly show up, engage in mass slaughter and then slither away back to Gaza: the home base of Satan.

It doesn't matter to the NY Times or Fox News (can anyone tell the difference between them these days?) that this has NEVER happened. I'm sure that many of our fellows Americans believe that it has happened.

Why are there tunnels in Gaza? When a major military power (Israel has the 4th largest army in the world and an endless supply of high tech weapons thanks to our compulsory tax donations) imposes a blockade designed to reduce the people of Gaza to abject poverty and starvation, tunnels are useful to try and get around this blockade (which is a war crime in international law: collective punishment).

Hamas's military has also used the tunnels to good effect in flanking and getting behind Israeli military forces that have invaded Gaza and are indiscriminately killing civilians. The tunnels are part of the right of Gazans to self-defense against constant attacks from Israel (attacks? yes, the ones that the US press never reports).

To the Israeli way of thinking it is an act of horrible terrorism when Palestinians defend themselves against Israeli attacks. Palestinians are supposed to lay down and die, this is Netanyahu's idea of being a "an honest partner in negotiations."

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