Friday, May 16, 2014

New Anti-Defamation League Poll reveals shocking facts!

The release of the ADL's world wide opinion poll on anti-Semitism has exposed unimaginable levels of global Jew-hatred.

Think about it! Some people in the world have never even heard about the Holocaust(tm)! If an 18 year old laborer in a rural village in India doesn't know about the organized mass killing of Jews in Europe 70 years ago, then what is the world coming to? It's time for AIPAC to push the US Congress to make India build a Holocaust(tm) Education Center in that Indian village (forget about the planned school or hospital).

And get this! Most Palestinians don't approve of the loudly self-proclaimed "Jewish State" which has (we have to concede) stolen their land and is imprisoning, killing and segregating them. One of the ADL's poll questions was "do you think Jews have too much power?" So there you go, Palestinians showed their anti-Semitism by saying "yes."
In related news: Historical researchers have found a bound volume that dates from 1863 that includes the results of an opinion poll of black slaves sponsored by the Confederate States of America. It seems that the field hands had a negative attitude toward white people, considering the to be "clannish, pushy, and only concerned about themselves."

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