Monday, August 26, 2013

Israel's 'white supremacists'

Aug 26, Haaretz

Kobi Niv

Israel's 'white supremacists'
It has emerged that the black (ultra-Orthodox, Arab, Mizrahi) threat to the Ashkenazi hegemony really hadn't been eliminated as it was thought. Thus the white tribe is continuing to defend its rule as if its life depended on it.

With his TV series “The Ethnic Demon,” Amnon Levy has seemingly discovered America about 500 or so years late, and the country is roiling. Well, yes, Zionism is a European colonial movement that’s as white as the snow in the Carpathian Mountains. What else is new?

All the fathers of the Zionist movement, its founders, philosophers and poets, Herzl and Bialik and Jabotinsky and Ben-Gurion and Begin and Naomi Shemer, dreamed of building, in this remote and neglected area of the East, a Jewish state along the lines of the white-European-Christian states of the 19th century, whose concert-filled structures would have tiled roofs and other elements of classical Europe.

But when the country they dreamed of was actually founded, they suddenly realized that there weren’t enough white Jews to establish and maintain the Zionist project because white Christian Europe, the one with the tiled roofs and classical music, which they so admired and wanted to emulate, had slaughtered them. As a result, lacking any choice and driven by the demon (the ethnic one, of course), and upon realizing that a state needs not just leaders and commanders but also soldiers and laborers, they brought the “black” Mizrahi Jews here, Jews of Middle Eastern origin. But the large number of these strange new immigrants posed a real threat to the white rule of the Zionist enterprise, not to mention to the existence of the only European state in the Middle East. There was thus an urgent need to “bleach” the Mizrahim.

This was carried out in different ways. One way, for example, was through the “bourekas films,” which ridiculed Mizrahim and portrayed them as foolish, ignorant, uncultured, lazy and stealthy, but with hearts of gold, great food and fine singing ability (racist stereotypes that were imprinted forever in the Israeli consciousness).

But the most significant bleaching process, the political one, was conducted by Menachem Begin. Begin understood that to overthrow and succeed the Ashkenazi Mapai regime with its handful of token Mizrahi servants, he would have to recruit to his ranks and service the mass of Mizrahim, who were victimized by and hated Mapai. And he did so, most successfully.

Indeed, unlike the Labor Party and its derivatives - Meretz, for example - which were and remain ethnic Ashkenazi parties whose leaders and voters are strictly white, the Likud, from Begin’s era to today, is an Ashkenazi party in that its leaders are Ashkenazi, but with an absolute majority of voters who are Mizrahi. In other words, Begin managed to maintain the ruling Ashkenazi hegemony with the votes of the Mizrahim.

And to even further preserve the Ashkenazi hegemony, and also perhaps because there developed a shortage of security guards and cashiers, a massive number of immigrants from the former Soviet Union were brought here, and anyone able to prove that his grandmother’s lover sneezed twice on Sabbath eve was declared a Jew, so long as he was properly white.

However, it has emerged that the black (ultra-Orthodox, Arab, Mizrahi) threat to the Ashkenazi hegemony really hadn’t been eliminated as it was thought. Thus the white tribe, including its Mizrahi voters, is organizing to continue to defend its rule as if its life depended on it. This is the main reason, if not the only one, that the Ashkenazi alliance (Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu, Yesh Atid, Habayit Hayehudi and Hatnuah) kept the blacks (the Haredim, Arabs, and Mizrahim) out of the recently established government.

Whoever doesn’t get this ought to look at what’s developing in the run-up to the elections in Jerusalem and its satellites, such as Beit Shemesh, where once again the “Zionists,” i.e., the Ashkenazim, are forming strange alliances, from Meretz on the secular left to Habayit Hayehudi on the religious right, just to stand firm against the black threat

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