Friday, August 9, 2013

Grave New Threat to US National Security!

Hassan Rouhani, the newly elected president of Iran has called for open negotiations and peaceful relations with the US! The consequences of this are unbearable to even imagine. No war with Iran? Not even some run of the mill air attacks? An agreement between the US and Iran over nuclear power and arms?

This would rob the US/Israel entity of the chance to have WAR! Outrageous! Worst of all it could lead to a devastating PEACE! Peace! Peace would destabilize the whole region. "Stability," as the US National Security State knows, would ruin the war on terror business and lead to the horrible anarchy of other countries running their own affairs. Our concept is even dialectical (take that! you Marx-muddled eggheads); our stability depends on your turmoil and destruction. Come on! Be reasonable and responsible.

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