Sunday, March 24, 2013

My reply to Mondoweiss: what is it that Obama "gets?"

On Sunday March 24th Phil Weiss wrote in his blog, Mondoweiss that during his trip to Israel Obama showed that he "get it." Phil apparently was wowed by Obama's words about fairness and seeing things from the Palestinian's point of view along with the Israelis'. Anyway, you can read what he said at What struck me about Obama's visit was that he let it be known that he no longer thinks the Israelis have to stop building new settlements as a pre-condition for negotiations with the Palestinian Authority on two-states.

How can you be so deluded? There is less here than meets the eye.
What Obama “gets” is that he had to spread some confusion during his trip to Israel, so that people like you will not understand that he has just caved-in and won’t even whisper that the settlements are, in fact, making any negotiated two-state solution impossible. He is now on board with Netanyahu’s expansionist plans.

His talk is hot air; he wants to be seen by the world as caring about the Palestinians, while he aids the Israeli government in their theft of land, ethnic cleansing and routine killings of Palestinians.

Obama supports everything Israel does and will do. He’s got their back. He’s not a neutral arbitrator ready to get both sides to deal. He is– by his DEEDS– on Israel’s side and against the Palestinians. Don’t be mislead by his WORDS.

Is Netanyahu’s new post-election government weaker, and open to pressure? His Likud Party isn’t as dominant as before the last Israeli election, but the so-called center party of Lapid and the settler-nationalist party Bennett are in his government and they both loathe the Palestinians and won’t yield anything to them, just like Netanyahu.

Obama wants to eat his cake and have it too. He’ll keep AIPAC at bay, satisfy Netanyahtu, hope he’s placated Abbas with some sweet talk, and throw rhetorical bones to soft-headed critics of his policies, figuring that they might chew on these phoney words, vainly seeking something good in them, thus making them shut up and not criticize him.

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