Monday, March 4, 2013

Israel, the "Jewish (only) Democratic State one ups the 1950s Jim Crow laws of Montgomery, Alabama

Story below from Mondoweiss.

At least the white power structure of segregation-era Montgomery, Alabama let Rosa Parks actually ride on the bus. They told her to sit in the back and didn't throw her out into the street. But that's not good enough for the Israeli Jewish power structure...noooo...they can't be contaminated by even the close proximity of non-white people. RC

Now it’s ‘Palestinians Only’ buses (60 years after Montgomery)
by Philip Weiss on March 2, 2013

Shocking story, from Ynet: "Ministry Launches 'Palestinians Only' Buses." In the occupied territories, so that Jews don't have to ride on buses jammed with Palestinians. I believe this is worse than conditions in Montgomery that Rosa Parks felt intolerable in the 1950s. When will this make the New York Times? Or J Street's blog?

The Transportation Ministry announced that starting Sunday it will begin operating designated lines for Palestinians in the West Bank.

The bus lines in question are meant, according to the ministry, to transport Palestinian workers from the West Bank to central Israel. The ministry alleges that the move is meant to ease the congestion felt on bus lines used by Jews in the same areas, but several bus drivers told Ynet that Palestinians who will choose to travel on the so-called "mixed" lines, will be asked to leave them..

The Transportation Ministry defended the plan, saying it was the result of reports and complaints saying that the buses traveling in the area were overcrowded and rife with tensions between the Jewish and Arab passengers.

A ministry source said that many complaints expressed concern that the Palestinian passengers may pose a security risk, while other complaints said that the overcrowded buses cause the drivers to skip stations.

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