Sunday, July 3, 2011

Future headline from the New Yolk Crimes

Texas Governor Rick Perry announced at a news conference today that Texas will secede from the United States to become a sovereign Christian republic and enter into a confederation with Israel.

"Not only will our bold move bring us all closer to Judgement Day and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, it will also give the Texas Republic a strong military and political ally to prevent the godless socialist USA from from interfering with our holy mission," declared Perry, who now holds the title of President of the "Sovereign, Kingdom Come Republic of Texas, LLC."

A statement was issued from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's office which said, "Israel hopes that this will be an amicable departure between the US and Texas and that our three great nations can negotiate a mutual defense and economic cooperation treaty that will benefit us all." Unofficial sources within the Israeli government intimated that relocation to Texas of Arabs could help solve the Jewish state's demographic problems and also help Texas. "Hey," an unidentified source from within the Israeli government told the press speaking of the population transfer plan, "the Arabs aren't Mexicans. I know Rick Perry can work with that."

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