Tuesday, March 1, 2011

People of Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, Yemen, etc are ready for Democracy, the USA and Israel are not

Think about it...a country where the people sit passively by while two national election are blatantly stolen; a high-riding class of super rich commit open fraud, driving the citizens into greater poverty, while they not only get away with it, but get rewarded with trillions in free money; democratic rights are stripped away; the people make clear that they don't want endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; they don't want cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security; they don't want union busting and so on and they vote for people they think are on their side, but they NEVER GET what they want: no place like the good old USA. Definitely not ready for democracy.

Israel embraces "ethnocracy" as the way to go. If you are a Jew you can have some democracy; if not, you are out of luck (or s.o.l. for emphasis). This is Israeli style Jim Crow with an ethnic cleansing twist. The Israeli idea of a good society is to deny the humanity of the 5 million non-jews in the territory they claim as theirs, and work to expel all of them to...where ever. However, any Jews who don't go along with the program are finding that their democratic rights are on the way out too. Israel rejects democracy in favor of a society based on exclusive ethnic rights controlled by the state.

The masses of Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, with more to come, definitely want one person one vote, free speech, economic equality, no foreign domination, no domination and predation by neo-liberal financial bloodsuckers: the real thing when it comes to real democracy, and they are willing to fight and die for democracy. That's what I'd call "ready."

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