Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hezbolla leader Nasrallah says Libyan rebels have the right to accept help from the West

Nasrallah: 1000 salutes to the Libyan fighters that are standing and fighting across Libya
Mar 21, 2011 10:50 am | Seham

I urge everyone to watch Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's speech from March 19th, he speaks a lot about Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Lebanon and Palestine. Nasrallah manages in an hour to discuss current events across the Arab world, succinctly, accurately and honestly. While he usually uses tempered language to discuss Arab regimes, especially those that have consistently aligned themselves against Hezbollah and Shia in the Middle East he used this opportunity to let loose on Qadhafi and express his support and solidarity with the brave Libyan people that are fighting against this madman.

I felt it was important to point out what he said and did not say about Libya in light of the conversation taking place on this website, I am paraphrasing: These revolutions are not being instigated by Americans or Al Qaidah, they are popular uprisings that come from the people. Any American talk about protecting the people in the region has no credibility because of American policy towards Palestinians which has always been one that protects Israelis by arming them and using their veto power to protect their settlements at the UNSC, therefore any such talk of American humanitarianism is a lie. Americans may be attempting to rehabilitate their image, make sure that oil does not get into the hands of loyal and nationalistic Libyans or they may be interfering so that they can control who the future leadership of Libya will be. Hezbollah will reconsider their position on Americans when Americans reconsider their unjust position on Palestine. He said that everyone in the entire world that can provide assistance to the Libyan people must do so. But that Libyans should also be aware of the motivations behind some of the people helping. He reminds Libyans that the West gave enough time to the regime so that they could crush the uprising and had Qadhafi succeeded in crushing it that the whole world would have kept buying oil from Qadhafi. Perseverance of the Libyan people is what changed the equation. Nasrallah did not deny the Libyans the right to accept help from whoever offers it, he merely warned them to be vigilant about the intentions of those that have stepped up to help them. Nasrallah, like Azmi Bishara before him also told Egyptians that many Arabs are pinning their hopes on them and they should not let us down.

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