Monday, December 13, 2010

Ring a bell? Was it "out" or "raus?"

Students who are Palestinian citizens of Israel (within the pre '67 borders) are victims of a campaign to deny housing to them. In the city of Safed the chief rabbi (in Israel chief rabbis are paid government functionaries) has pronounced a ruling (a fatwa?) that no Jews can rent to non-Jews. This movement is spreading around Israel and is part of the general escalation of ethnic cleansing in Israel and the occupied territories. Will the Israeli authorities do anything about it? Don't hold your breath.

Safed student says 'Arabs out!' spray-painted on his car

12 Dec - Ali Mustafa, a student who rents an apartment in the north Israeli city of Safed, awoke on Friday to find his car vandalized. He reported to the police that unidentified perpetrators smashed his side mirror, scratched the vehicle and spray-painted the words "Arabs out!" on it ... Mahmoud Abu Salah, a representative of the student union at Safed College, said that the act was an example of the racist attitude prevalent in the city ... Police have charged a few Jews for some of the acts, and claim they continue to search.,7340,L-3997561,00.html

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