Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 in review: In haiku

2010: The Year In Review – In HAIKU
--r. cong

have any good haikus? send them in for posting

A bright shining lie
the audacity of hope
you tired of it yet?

Read the New York Times
all the news print that will fit
high class low rent drivel

Jerry Nadler's game
zion's liberal boot lick
rancid tub of lard

A soft summer day
green grass blue sky puffy clouds
unmanned drone kills kids

Jobless rate goes up
wall street bonuses up too
it is raining shit

Good ethnic cleansing:
Mexican immigrants chase
red necks from Arizona

worst math scores ever
USA is number one
we are special, right?

Mavi Marmara
braver than Israel's death squads
nine heroes, free Gaza

don't ask don't tell gone
gays now can commit war crimes
the world rejoices

FBI brings terror
with phony entrapment schemes
adios free speech

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