Thursday, November 26, 2009

Obama to validate Honduran military Coup, recognize fake elections

The Organization of American States, and virtually all Latin American countries have condemned the show election being held by the illegitimate Michletti government installed by a military coup that ousted and deported the elected president Manuel Zelaya.

President Obama, being a practical guy, has decided to recognize whoever is "elected" president of Honduras. Coup, Schmoo! says Obama. Let's let bygones be bygones! Besides the new faux-president (Zelaya supporters are not participating in the elections) will be more to the liking of the U.S.A.'s governing corporate elite (I'm referring to the real governing body in this country, the the stumble-bum pack of bribe-taking schleps who populate the Senate, House and the White House).

This slap in the face to the OAS and Latin countries also has the added benefit of being a money saver. If Obama had really wanted to pressure the Honduran coup-makers to relinquish power and restore the real president to finish out his term, all sorts of bad things could happen. A Zelaya supporter would be elected and the new government would continue Zelaya's policies of looking out for the interests of the impoverished Honduran people instead of the profit margins of mulit-national businesses and banks. How tiresome would that be!?

Then, on top of that, the U.S. would have to stage another coup or even invade Honduras to make sure the place is safe from terrorism and community organizers.

Obama's way is much more economical. Besides, from the White House's point of view what's wrong with the army arresting and deporting the president of some country? It worked out OK in Haiti.

President Aristede was siezed by U.S. troops in Haiti in 2004, put on a plane and dumped in the Central African Republic (he's now in South Africa). Then Secretary of State Coin Powell thought it was no big deal and contemptously dismissed criticism of this seemingly undemocratic and imperial action on the part of the U.S.

"Hey, who gives a fuck!" I'm sure Powell said to himself, "no pissant like Aristide is going to interfere with our plans!" U.S. plans required that chaos, crime and starvation better served Washington's interests than an irritating jerk who went around talking about the poor all the time. I'm sure Powell approves of Obama's endorsement of the fraudulent elections in Honduras. It makes for good continuity of U.S. policy from supposedly agressive president W, to the "diplomacy" of our very cool Obama.

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