Saturday, November 21, 2009


From pages of the New Yolk Crimes:

March, 8, 2010
Obama chides Israel for its Latest Move

"A spokesman from the Obama administration said today that the Israeli government's announcement of their plan to brand the forehead of every newborn Palestinian child with the word "treif" "is not helpful," the president would prefer that "they reconsider the move."

Hillary defends Netenyahu

March 9, 2010,

Secretary of state Hillary Clinton described the Israeli government's new requirement for the branding of Palestinian babies as "an unprecedented goodwill gesture." The Secretary, speaking at a fund-raising dinner for the newly-established Israeli settlement "Beth Shalom Fuck the A-rabs,"in downtown Damascus, hosted by Rep. Jerry Nadler and Rudy Gulliani, went on to say, "Israel firmly rejected calls for the taking of an arm and a leg from the newborns."

March 10, 2010,

Obama Apologizes to Netenyahu for Criticizing Israel over Newborn Move

March 11, Lead Editorial:

Israel Once Again Shows that it is The Most Moral Nation in the World

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