Monday, February 6, 2017

Breaking News: Trump tells the truth! The USA is also "a killer."

During his recent interview with Bill O'Riley of Fox News, Trump, responding to O'Riley's calling Putin "a killer," responded by saying "there are a lot of killers out there. What do you think, that we are so innocent?"

Perhaps there's something in his personality disorder that stopped him from saying what is the required statement that every president is supposed to say about the US role in the world: "The USA is as pure as the driven snow and an angel sent by god to lead the world to peace, prosperity and our way of life."

He actually blurted out the truth: "Putin is a killer? The USA is also a killer." The media and Democratic & Republican politicians were aghast. "You can's say that! America is exceptional and sacred," they bellowed.

Trump's live-in-the-moment cynicism actually put him on the right side of history...for a moment anyway. He's likely to see he shouldn't have said that and change his tune.

That the USA throughout its history is and has been a predatory, imperialist, war mongering state, that has aspired to be an empire is an established fact (not an alternative one).

There is a bi-partisan record of mass murder: to cite a very few examples - Stealing half of Mexico in 1848 (Illinois congressman Abe Lincoln was in opposition to that war), occupying and subjugating the Phillippine Islands (Mark Twain spoke out gaainst that war), Vietnam, the Chile coup, invasion of Iraq, constant bombing and drone killings in several countries that continue to this day...the list is lengthy and attests to the bloody history of the USA's zeal to crush any opposition to its domination (Hillary's bloody fingerprints are all over the sewing of chaos in Libya and the coup in Honduras..this during the "liberal" Obama administration.)

The true neocon colors of bloviators on MSNBC have been revealed by the repulsive flag waving rants of Rachel Maddow et al.

Yes, America is exceptional. It's an exceptionally violent, imperious country. It's up to us (as we did during the Vietnam war) to restrain it.

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