Monday, June 1, 2015

Does Netanyahu have the right to existentialism?

Netanyahu is at it again, lamenting the world-wide ill-treatment of the poor, weak, lonely state of Israel.

"Our name is being blackened," he complained in a public statement yesterday. What with BDS, and clearly anti-semitic calls for equal rights for Palestinians. Equal! In a Jewish state, after all..let them get their own state! Oops! No, don't let them get a state...well, at least not about a nice spot in Antartica?

"Our right to exist is being attacked."

The facts of Israel being a racist colonial, settler state that is carrying out ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people have been established over and over. The facts can't be refuted. Lacking a logical, or moral leg to stand on, Israel has to resort to calling everyone who is not a Zionist Jew an antisemite who wants to deny Israel the right to exist.

OK. Why not deny the current state of Israel the right to exist? Do states have an inherent "right to exist"?

Did the Confederate States of America have a right to exist? Did the apartheid state of South Africa have a right to exist? Neither of them obviously managed to keep on existing.

Ask Thomas Jefferson. In the Declaration of Independence he wrote that the people have the right to abolish any state that oppresses them. Ask Obama if he agrees.

Maybe Israel has only 1/2 of a right to exist because Jews have it great, while Palestinians (both in side the green line and in the West Bank and Gaza...which are under the control of the Israeli state) have no rights. The Israeli Supreme Court has recently ruled that only Jews have inherent rights; everyone else exists solely at the tolerance of the Jewish State.

Over the centuries states have come and gone. Sumer, Babylon, the USSR, Gran Columbia, the three warring state of ancient China, Austria-Hungary...and on and on (I'll bet that the office holders of the state of Virginia during the Civil War didn't think that West Virginia had the right to exist when Abe Lincoln managed to take it away from them).

What about people?? People have the right to exist! No if ands or buts. States don't have any particular right to exist...they can and have changed all the time.

When Netanyahu or any other representative of the mono-ethnic/religious State of Israel speaks of Israel losing the right to exist and the Jewish people facing catastrophe, the image Zionists wants to jump into most people's mind is of a horrible, bloody mass murder of Jews by savage Arabs.

But the image that truly horrifies Netanyahu and his fellow brain-washed Jewish citizens of Israel is one of being forced to live, as equals, with non-Jewish inhabitants in a secular democratic state where all are treated the same.

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