Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Great moments in American democracy: Texas Legislature prohibits cities from regulating fracking

When average people in Texas try to protect their property and health by not letting fracking companies destroy their homes and pollute the air and drinking water, little did they know that they were violating the human rights of petrochemical corporations.

think about those oppressed multi-billion dollar corporate giants, huddling in fear of some city's local ordinance that could abridge their god-given right to loot, pillage, cause the death of children, simply because a few malcontents don't want to get poisoned. It's almost akin to terrorism.

Boldly, the governor and legislature of the sovereign state of Texas has stopped this atrocity and defended the rights of corporations from persecution by mere humans.

Since the Constitution of the US of A, according to the Supreme Court (lovingly known in Texas as the 'Preme Court, says that corporations are people, then they have rights that must be protected.

In fact, since oil industry corporations are people and they are really big, rich and powerful, then they are superior to mere human, flesh and blood people. So it follows that corporate people should come out on top of any conflict between the two.

See what great democratic values America is busy defending and exporting to the hopeful nations of Africa, Asia and the Middle East?

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