Saturday, March 28, 2015

Israel loves war and its nukes

Israel has had nuclear weapons for the last 50 years. It is not a signatory of the non-proliferation treaty and not subject to international regulation or inspection. Israel has been known to invade and attack other countries in the region at will.

The best way for other nations in the area to protect themselves, and maintain any national sovereignty would be for Israel to not have the nukes, or to have nukes themselves. If Iran had nukes then Israel wouldn't be able to threaten them or invade, or conduct airstrikes.

So if Iran had nukes would it be so bad? They have the same rights as any other nation. But they aren't even trying to get nukes. What's the big deal?

The leaders of the Iranian state are not insane. They want to live and have been far less bellicose than Israel. The hysteria about "if Iran gets nukes they will attack Israel" is propaganda. The same people who said Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and will attack the USA and Israel) any minute now are the ones behind the hysteria about Iran's getting nukes (any day now...for the last 20 years).

Netanyahu is afraid that peace might break out between Israel and Iran (and the USA..especially). So he has to keep the pot boiling and he has his fifth column working in the US to avoid the dreaded prospect of stability in the mideast.

Endless war is what the state of Israel craves. Up to now it has kept it bathed in money and political support from the US. Can the gravy train be in danger? Stay tuned.

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