Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Listen up White House, in this case Netanyahu might be right

according to an article in Haaretz, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters at his daily briefing on Monday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks that American criticism of Israeli settlement construction was against American values, “did seem odd.”

“It did seem odd for him to defend Israel's position by saying the US position is un-American,” Earnest said. “American values are why this country's support for Israel has been unwavering.” Earnest repeated the U.S. criticism of settlement construction and said that continuing it “will send a troubling message” about Israel’s intentions.

But maybe in this case Netanyahu is right. He's saying the US government is betraying its values by not verbally supporting Israeli settler expansion, stealing ever more Palestinian land.

Why? Because the United States came to be what it is today by using the same methods as Zionist Israel: by stealing the land of the indigenous people, pushing them out and killing them. American values and Zionist Israeli values are the same.

One of the complaints itemized in the Declaration of Independence was that King George III was preventing the 13 colonies from expanding their borders and wiping out the Indians. And look at our history: pushing the frontier westward; pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing that included genocidal polices designed to kill native people; the theft of about 50% of Mexico in a trumped-up war in 1848; using the most likely fake attack on the US battleship Maine to declare war on Spain and rip off Puerto Rico and the Phillipines; and on and on.(Did I mention slavery?)

The Imperial USA got going using the same values as Israel is displaying: white men of European origin invading other people's land declaring that it was promised to them by god and proceeding to "cleanse" the area of "savages" who have no rights.

But then, in reality, Netanyahu doesn't have anything to worry about from Obama's White House; Obama isn't actually going to do something to stop Israeli from stealing Palestinian land. This is all wordplay.

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