Monday, September 22, 2014

Israel's abiding interest in promoting war and instability laid bare by its hysterical rants agains Hamas and Iran

The Israeli government's hysterical rhetoric is exposing a growing divide between what it sees as its interests in the world and what everyone else should see as simple common sense.

Representatives of Israel are running around tugging on the shirt sleeves of anyone it can find to babble about how Hamas is the same as ISIS. No! Even worse! Worse than Satan, worse than black people trying to get refugee status in Israel. The end of the world!

Meanwhile Israel, Hamas, Abbas' Palestine Authority, the USA and Egypt are holding talks in Cairo over Gaza. So Hamas is the worst terrorist threat to the inhabited universe ever and it's ok to negotiate with them. Over the years Hamas and Israeli leaders have negotiated cease-fires, and held talks on other issues. What next? An Israel/Boko Haram summit conference?

Iran, which has never attacked Israel, and is exercising it's right to use nuclear power is painted by Israel as a state that must be destroyed. Attack! Attack! Israel has demanded, "before it is too late." Too late for what?

While Iran says it doesn't want to develop nuclear weapons, it has the same right to have them as do western nations and an equal right to them as does Israel, Pakistan and India.

The best way to stop Israel's plans to goad the US into war with Iran is for Iran to have a nuclear deterrent. It's also possible for Iran to foil Israel's war plans by successfully negotiating a deal with the US over nuclear power. Israel wants the current negotiations to fail. Israel doesn't want any strong country that can defend itself to exist in the middle east. It actively meddles in US internal politics to sabotage the talks.

Israel finds ISIS useful. They love world attention being diverted from their ethnic cleansing: new theft of Palestinian land in the west bank and recent plans to push the Bedouins off their land (this includes Israeli Bedouins who are actual citizens of Israel). They want everyone to freak out about beheadings by ISIS and forget the mass killing in Gaza.

Iran has an interest in stopping ISIS, but Israel wants to stop any cooperation between the US and Iran. Hezbollah has an interest in defending Lebanon against ISIS, but Israel wants to prevent the west from cooperating with Hezbollah to fight ISIS.

Israel's desire is for the US to continue to rely on it as a fully funded and armed super cop in the mideast whose role is to dominate the region and keep everyone else divided and, if possible, at each other's throats. Meanwhile the Jewish state can expand to its desired borders (whatever they may be) and continue its plans to create a fully Judiazed Greater Israel with as few non-Jews as humanly possible.

The main problem is that this is not a viable scenario. It worked, sort of, over the last several decades, but the historical tide is against fortress Israel and against the US as the sole dominant world power. In the not-so-long run Israel's basic strategy is bound to come unraveled. They are circling the wagons, but the outcome is not theirs to determine.

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