Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Blood-lusting, death worshiping, terrorist Israel: An ethnocratic country founded on dispossessing, repressing and inciting against the indigenous people is not a democracy

Ten Palestinians were killed during the search of the West Bank for the three Jewish teenagers from a settlement near the Palestinian city of Hebron. No big deal; just par for the course. You know, you can't make an omelet without...

A Palestinian in Jerusalem was murdered by a Jewish lynch mob seeking revenge. Others have been attacked and more will likely be killed. This is the real face of Israel's vibrant Western style Democracy. Marches have been held throughout the country chanting "Death to Arabs!" Do they chant: "Let's just punish those proven to have done this killing?" No. It lacks a certain j'ne sait quoi...not quite catchy enough for the democratic-minded Jewish people.

Is the state of Israel a cowering, intimidated little land that has been put upon by the sneaky, death-worshipping, powerful Palestinians and now is finally springing into self-defensive action? Don't ask the NYT or the Wall St. Journal. This US-enabled nuclear power and military juggernaut (and militarized society) has been on a conscious campaign of land-theft, ethnic cleansing and racial incitement against the Palestinians as a people for years.

Pundits and political hacks have droned on for years about how the Palestinians have a culture of revenge and death and thus are inferior and not fit for democracy. People whose land and patrimony have been stolen normally have a negative reaction to their oppressors. They fight back. Some of the are killed and their families say, "My son was a patriot and I'm proud that he sacrificed his life for our people's liberation." There are South African families that are proud of their relatives who died fighting against apartheid in South Africa. Are they death-worshipers? (Don't ask Dick Cheney). How about the French resistance fighters who kidnapped and murdered German occupiers? Were they not fit for democracy?

The Israeli state was founded upon a planned invasion by the European based Zionist movement with the aid of the UK, the occupying imperial power. The intent from the beginning by the founders of the Jewish state was to create an exclusively Jewish state in all of historic Palestine. It has never varied from this goal. The two decades long two-state negotiations interlude was a tactical ploy that bought time for Israel to keep colonizing while restricting the Palestinian response.

In no way is Israel a democratic country. Equality of all before the law? Nope. Only Jews get full rights, it's written into the law and the Israeli Supreme Court recently ruled that the Jewish State is for Jews only, others are merely tolerated. In the West Bank it's simpler: martial law for everyone except the minority of Jewish colonists.

Pluralism? This is a must for societies that are truly democratic. Of course not! Everything is to be Judiazed. this is government policy; Israel is on a mission. It's a militantly Jewish society, not a tolerant one.

Security in property and person? Get real! This is for Jews only. The IDF detains Palestinians at will, no charges need be made. Just hold 'em on administrative detention for weeks or months, or years. It's the law. A normal person might call this "kidnapping."

There is a steady, regular toll of Palestinians killed (by the IDF, or by colonists..or both together), by indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, not just today's revenge bombings, but as a normal part of life..for years. This isn't deemed newsworthy by our media, just inferiors biting the dust.

Israel is an ideological/theocratic society that is on a mission (from God, secularism is on the run in today's sectarian Israel). It cannot tolerate alien, seditious ideas like equal rights, secular government or pluralism.

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