Saturday, April 5, 2014

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VENEZUELA: When The Rich Go Wild in the Streets

Tired of being an oppressed minority, the well to do businessmen, professionals, debutantes, and career-minded college students have rebelled. Building barricades in middle and upper class neighborhoods, stylishly clad white people have suffered enough under the heavy yoke of majority rule in Venezuela. "There are so many of these dirty, smelly, dark-skinned poor people, we just can't get rid of them! This is what free elections lead to!" said one weary barricade builder, "a white person just isn't anything in this country anymore," he went on to say.

It's understandable why these put-upon rich people are so frustrated. In the good old days elections were a matter of two different parties taking turns being the government. They had a small upper-class base and that's who voted.

But the lower classes couldn't leave well enough alone. NO, they had to go vote in huge numbers and elect Hugo Chavez president in 1998. Why? Just because the previous government had shot down people in the streets as they were protesting the fact that they were riots? Well, let 'em eat cake!

Now the hapless rich have to put up with losing every election because they are a minority and, believe it or not!, the majority rules in Venezuela (they could always try the USAs system to get rid of that problem).

What to do? How about imitating Ukraine and stage violent street demonstrations complete with snipers and Molotov cocktails?


Israeli foreign minister, Avidor Lieberman met with Hizzonor DeBlasio Friday afternoon for a chat about how much DeBlasio loves Israel and how far he's willing to go to kiss Israel's ass for hefty campaign donations.

Giving mayor Bill a few tips on handling thorny social issues in NYC, Lieberman suggested that instead of scaling back "stop and frisk" in the city's black and latin neighborhoods, he ought to try a policy of "stop, strip them of their New York citizenship and deport them to New Jersey."

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