Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thomas Friedman tops himself in thick-headed duncery

How many different ways can one point out the ignorance/extreme lack of any capacity for self-reflection and sheer dunbfuckedness of Tom Friedman?

Sunday's New York Timse op-ed page published His latest empty-headed homage to self-involvment which employs the hackneyed cliche of poor Israel, they have to do things that look bad because they live in a "tough neighborhood."

Friedman fully identifies with the pure arrogance of a population of settler-colonialists primarily from Europe and the US and their descendants, who regard the native Palestinians, whose land they have robbed, as subhumans who can't be talked to.

The Zionist infiltrators (to use their own term against them) forced their way into the "neighborhood" and by force of arms in 1948 expelled 750,000 inhabitants and relegated the remaining inhabitants to jim crow status. Not being happy with the small borders of the neighborhood, they grabbed more land in 1967 and are busily annexing the West Bank while the 2.5 million indigenous inhabitants are under martial law.

Not caring much for the wider neighborhood, Zionist Israel has also bitten off pieces of land from Egypt, Lebanon and Syria,hanging on to whatever it could. If a family moved into a house next door to yours and proceeded to bulldoze your home to expand their lawn, would you complain? Oh, come on..don't hold a wouldn't want your neighborhood to get a reputation for being "tough."

Now Friedman is shocked that the Welcome Wagon didn't show up for the new neighbors.

Any "neighborhood" that is invaded, occupied and subject to ethnic cleansing and killings by a new resident that comes in to conquer and eliminate the native people is quite likely to become tough. When you steal someone's country, you will never have peace...unless you kill and expel them all. Yo, Tom! Can't you get that?

The tough neighborhood is of Israel's and its indispensable sponsor, the USA's making.

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