Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cui Bono? Who Benefits?


The attack on the Egyptian side of a border crossing with Israel that killed 16 Egyptian soldiers must put a smile on Netanyatu's face, and Ehud Barak's too. Turmoil, violence, war, all have been very good for the plans of the leaders of Israel. For them this is another log on the fire. They've talked up a storm about Iran supposedly preparing to atom bomb Israel as soon as they refine their uranium and build a bomb (any minute now). Gotta have airstrikes on Iran right now! You listening Obama, or Romney?

You've got Syria in civil war (is it good for the Jews or bad for the Jews?...the verdict isn't in yet). You've got systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, more illegal settlements, and busybodies around the world sticking their noses in Israel's business (we can treat “our” Arabs any way we long as they are pushed out, or down...and now the swartzers are trying to get in!”)so the border threat can divert attention away from the daily pogrom being waged against the Palestinians by the Israeli army and the settlers, who are armed and act with impunity. The Sinai attack also fits right in with Israel's response to the “Arab Spring, democratic thing.”

But they have to compose themselves and put on a very serious, national security face when they address the public.

They can say (and have said): “see what you get for overthrowing our friend Mubarak? And then you elect a president from the Muslim Brotherhood. He could be responsible for all of these terrorist attacks in the Sinai and across the Israeli border too. And these terrorists in the Sinai are coming from Gaza where Hamas (which began as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood) rules. They are such ingrates that they are sponsoring attacks on Egypt, now governed by the Brotherhood's man, Morsi.

And the Israelis can whisper: “Pssst...yo, military 'bout a coup? Together we can keep everything really stable...and make some money, too.”

And they already have said in so many words: “I guess poor little Israel, bearing the cross (so to speak) of the (Semitic) white man's burden in the region will have to go into the Sinai and straighten things out. And now can't you see why we have to continue the cordon around Gaza? They are just mad dogs there, biting the hand of their erstwhile masters.”

The Egyptian government had recently opened the border with Gaza for 12 hours a day and allowed fairly free travel. Not something Israel wanted to see. After the attacks in Sinai, the border has been shut. Good results for Israel's leaders.

Did Israel run a clandestine op, carrying out an attack on the Egyptian border guards that they could attribute to Hamas, or Morsi's own movement? I don't know.'s within the real of possibility.

Why would I propose such a wacky, impossible, conspiracy theory? I must be out of my mind. No, I'm still in my mind. I just have to say, “The Lavon Affair.” Look it up. In the 1950s Israeli intelligence organized Egyptian Jews to bomb US Government public places -- a library, a movie theater -- in order to get the Eisenhower administration to break relations with the nationalist Nasser government of Egypt. It was a fiasco and the plot details came to light. There have been other James Bond-like capers that have been committed—usually assassinations by bizarre methods – spraying poison in the ear of a Hamas leader in Amman, Jordan; a clumsy, keystone cops style killing in a fancy hotel in Dubai and more recently evidence had surfaced that the Mossad, Israel's CIA has worked with the Al Queda affiliated Harkkani network, based in Pakistan, to organize assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists. Far fetched? No, it happened...I'm just saying...
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