Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Watching Dennis Ross on PBS News Hour

January 18, 2012

Tonight, lounging on the couch, I surfed to channel 13 and caught part of The News Hour...usual stuff & the usual suspects. Then there was a segment on "Are we moving towards war with Iran?"

And again there was Dennis Ross, the Netanyahu/APAIC approved man in the Clinton and Obama administrations holding forth on the issue, attempting to sound reasonable: "the stability of the entire region is threatened if Iran doesn't cease its nuclear efforts."

I leaped to my feet! "My god, he's right!" If Iran gets an A bomb then the US and Israel won't be able to attack them! Things will be stable. A balance of power preventing a war. This is terrible!! Iran will continue to be a sovereign nation and not bend to what the predatory military/corporate empire demands of it. "Iran IS a threat to the current instablilty!"

I sat back down on the couch muttering to myself, and then realized that Ross thinks that things are stable now and that if Iran can credibly defend itself from a US/Israeli attack then things will be instable....OH! Never mind.

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