Monday, December 19, 2011

Christopher Hitchens and KIm Jong Il both died recently, who was the biggest asshole?

Hitchens was 62, Kim was 69. Hitchens was born to a middle class family in a rich country. Kim was born to an exiled Korean communist family in Siberia (although it has been questioned just exactly where he was born). Hitchens got an upper class British education and burst forth as a dashing revolutionary (or played at being one). KIm's father became the "Great Leader" of North Korea. Hitchens gave up the revolution game and found some success as a leftish writer (just left enough to be cool and not so left as to limit his personal advancement) pub crawler and intellectual. Kim hit the big time when his father the great leader croaked; he became the "Dear Leader."

Kim was the "Dear Leader" for 17 years. He presided over an isolated, underfed, terrorized population. The military ate up all the resources; he developed a nuclear bomb and, along with Iraq and Iran, got to be part of the "Axis of Evil" that prez George W and his minder Dick Cheney thought up as the new bogeymen in order to stoke up the destruction of democracy at home and endless wars abroad known as the"war on terror."

Hitchens joined in with W and Dick (and Wolfowitz and Rush Limburger and Elliot Abrams, et al) and became a cheerleader for endless US led carnage in defense of the West against Islamofascism and basic human rights, like the right to smoke and drink yourself to death and the right to make a fool of yourself in public and to lie and slander anyone who doesn't think you are a wonderful person and really smart.

So, there you are. You can make your own call.

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