Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Bloom(berg) is off the Rose

The Bloom(berg) is Off the Rose

This may be belaboring the obvious, but can't everyone see that the Mayor is a piece of shit? People who have a background in leftist politics certainly know this by now. Hard core anti-capitalists saw it from the start of his first election campaign. But now his sneering dumb ass self-serving proclamations and the consequences of his police state actions make it easy to see him for what he is. But, you never know, many more “practical” sorts caught up in lesser-evilism still might not get it.

It's not just his latest crime, pushing Occupy Wall Street out of Zuchotti Park and setting his mad dog police thugs upon anyone who crosses their path, but from way back everything he's done was predictable-- allowing the cops to rampage through black and latin communities harassing, falsely arresting, and from time to time riddling innocent bystanders with bullets (and getting off), trampling on free speech and assembly rights, and of course the fundamental job of any NYC mayor, making sure Wall Street and real estate speculators get whatever they want.

The Bloombergers were relieved when Rudy Guliani was finally out as mayor. Rudy was (and remains) an embarrassing, low brow slob. Flagrantly racist, he rallied the Archie Bunkers of the outer boroughs to his side. But Bloomberg exudes class. Billionaire class. He addresses all the mundane issue of city government with an arrogant gesture of having sympathy for the peasants, or he used to.

Not so deep down, he's the same as Rudy, He just has a lot more money and better suits. How about a recall campaign?

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