Sunday, October 9, 2011

Millions of Jews have been worshiping the God of War at the Wailing Wall.....literally

In The August, 2011 issue of Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs an article by George Wesley Buchanan (“Misunderstanding About Jerusalem's Temple Mount”) reports that scholars and archeologists have known for decades that the “45 acre well-fortified place that has mistakenly called the 'Temple Mount' was really the Roman fortress – the Antonia – that King Herod built.” As a Roman military facility, it had a statue of Mars, the god of war. The Wailing Wall is, in reality, part of the Roman military base.

This area is known as the Haram Al-Sharif in Arabic.

According to Buchanan's article an “English archeologist, Kathleen Kenyon discovered in 1962 that the entire city of David in the past had been only that little rock ridge on the western bank of the Kidron. Less than 10 years later the historian Benjamin Mazar learned that the Haram had undoubtedly been the Roman fortress.”

The article in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs has features not found in the standard commentary on the ancient kingdom of Judea, later Palestine, offered up by officially sanctioned Israeli “historians” – these features are called “facts,” “evidence,” and “historical accuracy.”

Building up a fictional, glorious history of the kingdoms of David and Solomon have been a key part of the Zionist narrative that justifies the British sponsored invasion of European Jews which robbed the indigenous people of their land and expelled them en mass in 1948.

Recently, Israel has been driving Palestinians in East Jerusalem out of their homes under the guise of great new discoveries of the remains of King David's palace. They are constructing a gaudy Disneyland "archeological park," no doubt complete with rides for the kids and dancing cartoon characters. Maybe the will sell Mars Bars at the concession stand along with cold six-packs of King David beer.

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