Monday, June 20, 2011

Blood from an Israeli attack on the Gaza Fredom Flotilla will be on Obama's hands

This article by Ray McGovern, who will be on the U.S. ship as part of the international flotilla to break the illegal blockade of Gaza captures the moral bankruptcy of the US media and the government.

Article at
OpEdNews - Article: Gaza: Cradle of Killing -- Americans Too

But I think it's time to specifically call out Obama as an active participant in Israel's murderous policies. He is at one with the murderers of Furkan Dogan and eight other Mavi Marmara passengers. He is an enabler of Netanyahu's plans to violently assault the upcoming "Stay Human" flotilla, which will try, peacefully, with full legal right, to reach the shores of Gaza.

The acts of piracy being rehearsed by Israeli commandos are fully pre-endorsed by the President, House, Senate and the media. Contrary to wishful thinkers, this, without qualification, includes Obama. He is not out of the loop, or secretly against Israel's crimes, or misinformed, or in a bubble. It's not that he won't go against the Israel Lobby, he is with them.

He is also, as the elected leader of the corporate plutocracy that is the so called United State of America, doing what he can to undermine and destroy the Arab Spring. He (and Hillary) want Arab states that are stable and "secure," meaning the people are kept in line by governments dedicated to doing what the US wants them to do.

The popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and beyond were unexpected and not welcomed by the US. After trying to help pliant dictators stay in power, and failing, Obama switched tactics and let Ali and Mubarek fall. Now they are using money and insider political influence to sabotage these revolutions from within (not without internal allies). In other cases, Baharein in particular, they are helping the dictators kill off and suppress the majority of the population (where else is the 5th fleet going to be based? Coney Island?).

We should observe the watchword of the flotilla and "stay human," but we also need to get real. There is no short cut to winning our struggle. Obama won't suddenly hear a better argument and change his ways. We have to build a politically independent grass-roots movement from the bottom up.

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