Wednesday, May 4, 2011

USA! we got Bin Laden! We are so fucked!

Bin Laden was enabled by the US policy of supporting the most reactionary opposition to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. He's partially a "terrorist super star" of our creation. with US anti-aircraft weapons and funds the Wahabbi warriors carried the day. The Taliban and Al Queda came into existence via the US anti-Soviet war plan for Afghanistan. When the Taliban took over everyone was at first relieved, because they put an end to the constant fighting.

Once the Russians withdrew, the US abruptly lost interest in the whole thing. As far as "building democracy" went, Regan and HW Bush said, "who cares?" Not our problem. Under the HW Bush and Clinton administrations US petrochemical companies tried to work out a major pipeline deal with Mullah Omar and the Taliban. An on the scene employee of one of the petrochemical firms was Hamid Karzai.

Now, after 10 years of totally insane destructive US muscle flexing and dumb ass rhetoric our heroes the Navy Seals (I guess the Navy has them because the real seals are going extinct) rubbed out the ingrate Bin Laden.

Always going for the most retarded aspect of any story, our propaganda/entertainment main stream media pops open the champagne bottles and promotes self-congratulating patriotic pride in our final victory over the Red Menace...uh...I mean the number one Islamic terrorist boogey man: Bin Laden.

With encouragement from cretinous Democrats and Republicans and their media allies, videos and photos are popping up showing all-American young dimwits cavorting in the streets chanting "USA!" It's something for them to do. It gets their mind off the fact that they can't find jobs, their education is a joke and their future is a social darwinist distopia of collapsing infrastructure and dog eat dog poverty.

This great American feat of killing yet another group of people in someone else's country may give a temporary lift to the spirits of some segment of the population, but it won't help stay the downward slide of the US Empire...and that's a good thing for the world...and us the people.

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