Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pass over Passsover

It doesn't take four questions to reveal the fraudulent message of this fake story:

Jews were never in bondage in Egypt. There is not a shred of real world evidence that the Seder story is more than a fairy tale. There is a lot of historical and scientific evidence that it didn't happen and couldn't have happened. (It's not just Jewish historical myths that need to be examined, all religions peddle false narratives.)

This fake story of slavery and liberation has become part of the historical justification for the Zionist colonization of Palestine (under the cover of British colonialism) and its relentless policy of ethnic cleansing.

The liturgical phrase "Next year in Jerusalem," begs the question: What's happening this year in Jerusalem? answer: the destroying of homes, and the displacement of families that have lived there for generations, the obliteration of historic Muslim and Christian sites, and the spread of a swaggering, arrogant, anti-democratic racism among Israeli Jews.

I know a lot of leftish Jews who celebrate Passover in a "progressive" way. This is not my cup of Manishevitz, There's no way to make this reactionary, false story progressive. Give it up!

I appreciate religious people who are dedicated to social justice and act upon their beliefs, but it's their deeds in this world that count. If their motivations are different than mine, even ones I consider to be odd, so what?

But to give credence to a fabricated, supernatural story that has become part of the Zionist rewriting of history to justify Israel's crimes (even to try and "secularize" the story) is not a progressive act.

Maybe I'm writing this because I grew up celebrating all the Jewish holidays...until I reached the age of reason and figured all religion is a scam and most often a tool for fostering and justifying oppression. When you reject religion, the one you react against most strongly is the one you are shaking off...for what it's worth.

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