Wednesday, January 5, 2011

American Idiots and Neocon dimwits

R. Congress

Today's New York Times has a feature article on how Turkey is extending its political and economic influence throughout Iraq. The article says that it now has more sway in Iraq than Iran has.

Interesting. How about the good ole USA? Does it have more clout in Iraq than, say, Bolivia?

Wasn't the invasion and occupation of Iraq supposed to show the A-rab world who is boss in these here parts? Hundreds of billions of dollars blown up and hundreds of thousands of lives lost (well..not so many American lives...) and besides stopping Hussein's fictional scary weapons of world destruction, wasn't the idea to establish a US beachhead in the oil rich Mideast and to bring about a model of American style democracy (or at least a lot of KFCs, McDonalds, GAP stores and oil exports to the US of A)?

The Times article even said that members of the new Iraqi parliament went to Istanbul (!) to learn about legislative protocol.

So the great neocon adventure -- the tragedy--to remake the world ended up as a farce.

The Iraq invasion has weakened US imperial power. Afghanistan is bleeding it some more. Now, Obama, following in the footsteps of the neocons, is making a mess of Pakistan and Yemen. Washington deservedly is looking worse and worse as the increasingly isolated enabler of Israel's descent into Judeofacsism and accelerated ethnic cleansing.

Even the USA's backyard, Latin America, is no longer subservient before the colossus of the North. Brazil joins with Turkey to try and stop the US race to war with Iran. Latin countries make their own policies for their own interests first. Something the US never tolerated in the past. Remember the botched clown show of a coup in Venezuela ten years ago? -- last year there was another botched coup against the progressive president of Ecuador..another US flop).

Meanwhile China is kicking Washington's ass up and down the block, economically speaking and laughing at US complaints about China's currency policies.

China is just borrowing a page from a great American icon, W.C.Fields who said:"never give a sucker an even break."

Arrogance, obtuseness, lack of attention to reality, narcissism, racism (of course), living in a fantasy name it -- all define the American approach to the world.

It's not 1956 any more. Or even 1966. Them daze is gone.

The empire is in serious decline and the USA can't throw its weight around like the old days. I think it was inevitable that this happen. It's the way of all predatory empires. But the neocns really helped speed it along. And the mass of know-nothing, middle-American Idiots who still live in the past can't wrap their small minds around the fact that the rest of the world doesn't see their mission in life as servants of the USA.

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  1. Glad to see your still in great form!
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