Saturday, October 2, 2010

What a shock!!!! USA did bad thing in Guatemala!

From distributing smallpox infected blankets to American Indians in the 19th century, to feeding Plutonium to US soldiers and also giving LSD to soldiers in the 1950s, to dropping tons of Agent Orange on Vietnam in the 1960s, to (maybe we're skipping a few things, but you get the point...) giving Israel new weapons to test out in Gaza in 2008/ unbroken record of the USA's leaders shouldering the imperial burden and generously allowing inferior people to participate in the advancement of scientific progress!

Who knows,maybe depleted uranium will one day prove to be a good fertilizer for crops? Brother can you spare a DIME bomb?

Yesterday,the new media revealed that from 1946 to 1948 the US government via the National Institutes of Health intentionally infected 700 Guatemalans with syphilis in order to use them as guinea pigs for testing penicillin. Prison inmates, mental health patients and soldiers were used in the experiments.

(1948 was also the year that the US supported military dictatorship in Guatemala fell and a democratically elected government took over. the CIA engineered a military coup that overthrew that government in 1954. (This coup had been pretested by a previous experiment in which the CIA overthrew a democratic government in Iran a bit earlier in 1953.)

The existence of the 64 year-old program in Guatemala was unearthed by Susan Reverby, a professor at Wellsley College, who was doing research for her writings on medical history.

The doctor in charge of the Guatemalan program, John C. Cutler also played a part in the Tuskeegee, Alabama study begun in 1932, where a group of black men who had syphilis were not told they had the disease, were not treated, but were studied for years to see how the disease progressed.

It's tough being the leading nation of the free world. Your good intentions are always being misinterpreted.

--R. Congress

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