Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Jewish" democracy in action

More strides by the great Jewish Democracy

This article from Haaretz illustrates the theocratic-nationalist direction Israel is heading towards. It's obvious that in Israel (and the territory it controls) democracy is for Jews only, not Palestinians.
Now Jewish democracy is gradually morphing into an anti-democratic theocracy. Besides the segregated buses, White Citizens Style vigilantes are patrolling some neighborhoods in Jerusalem to break up any "mixed" dating between Jewish and non-Jewish teenagers.
The increasingly powerful religious parties are calling for "Torah Law" (Sharia, anyone?) to be instituted. Are secular Israelis fighting a rear-guard action?

From Haaretz

By Nir Hasson

Around 1,000 demonstrators marched Saturday evening outside the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem to protest Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz's decision to allow the continuation of single-sex bus lines that serve the Haredi community.

Protestors held signs that read "Israel is not Tehran" and "Free Jerusalem."

"The struggle against segregated bus lines is only part of the larger struggle for civil marriages, equal military service and more," Meretz MK Nitzan Horowitz told the protestors. "We are not the minority, we are the majority and we are standing up for our rights. If the segregated buses continue to operate, we will board them and not follow the segregation rules."
Earlier Saturday, opposition leader Tzipi Livni expressed her support for the struggle against single-sex lines in a letter to the organizers of the protest.

"This is not an internal issue for a certain segment of the population," she wrote. "I see this struggle not only about transportation but also as a struggle for the character of Israel as a free, Jewish and democratic nation."

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