Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Helen Thomas: "is there any Mideast country that has nuclear weapons now?" Obama: "Uhhhh, did someone say something? Guess not, Next Question!"

On February 9th President Obama held his first news conference since taking office. After answering a few questions he called on Helen Thomas, the veteran reporter who has a well earned reputation for directness and intolerance for spin and who was ex-president W's nemesis at news conferences.

Thomas asked a question about the Taliban taking refuge in Pakistan and then said: "is there any country in the Middle East that already has nuclear weapons?" She broke the taboo nobody in the mainstream media or the government from either party will ever acknowledge: the one and only nuclear power in the Middle East is Israel, which has a few hundred nuclear warheads and has had such weapons for many years.

After answering her question about Pakistan (a nuclear power which is not in the Middle East), Obama then bullshitted at length about nothing in particular, except he mentioned Iran, which does not have nuclear weapons.

Thomas tried to follow up by saying: "what about countries there that have nuclear weapons?' but was brushed aside.

It's been common knowledge for decades that Israel has nuclear weapons. Israel has and will jail any Israeli who even whispers this truth. AIPAC (the Israel lobbying group) and proported Jewish "leaders" like Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League will gang up on any public official or news outlet that happens to mention this fact. It has become an unfact, a non-topic for no permisable discussion.

How can they dump on Iran as a possible developer of atomic weapons if someone counters that Israel has them, so why can't other countries? If Israel's nuclear arsenal was acutally talked about in the open then someone might propose a nuclear-free Middle East in which Iran won't develop atomic weapons and Israel has to give them up. Give them up! The rules for discourse in the USA says: "Israel can do anything it wants and is above criticism." Whoever disagrees is a terrorist loving anti-semite.

Obama's performance at his inagural news conference show that nothing has changed. He's bought in to the Israeli propoganda and fantasy land, either by intimidation or belief.

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