Monday, January 5, 2009


Representatives of the State of Israel, the MSM (mainstream media), politicians and other apologists for any past, present and future atrocities by Israel against Palestinians constantly talk about the "existential threat" to Israel.

The strongest military power in the region with the unconditional support of billions of dollars in aid and grants from Washington is somehow an oppressed, fearful little country terrorized by the Palestinians who "won't recognize Israel's right to exist."

Events show that the ones who should fear for their continued existence are the Palestinians. Israeli policy has been from the start always fixed on one goal: ethnic cleansing. No matter what the diplomatic or military stance, war, peace, talk of 2 states, or whatever, Israel has carried out policies designed to box Palestinians into reservations (Gaza as Warsaw Ghetto), demoralize them through harassment, starve them out-- anything that will force them to immigrate, submit and shut up, or just plain die.

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